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15.01.2004 17:21 - It\'s a Record Label, Captain, But Not As We Know It.

Some of you will know that I\'ve been using the net to distribute music for some time now, even going to the lengths of creating the site (don\'t look for it, cos it ain\'t there) back in 1998, for my then-employers, Attitude Networks. I was, at one point, invited to work at Vitaminic, and was a user of (don\'t look for that either) and got more and more disappointed as the original idea was buried. I understand everyone has to make a buck, but gradually became the sort of musical web equivalent of vanity publishing.

Well now there\'s Magnatune.

Apparently, they\'re not evil, which means they don\'t believe in using the usual Cartel tricks of the music industry.

So I\'ve placed my Sinistrals album with them. It\'s only been a week since doing so, and they say they have a huge backlog for listening, so I\'ll keep everyone informed as to my experiences through this site.

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