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"Dead End Street" specialise in the performance of songs by the famous band "The Kinks". All the members are long-time fans of the original band, from the original 1960's debut right up to the present day. We are active in and around the Nordrhein-Westfalen region of Germany, and have played in and around Cologne and Bonn. Our show incorporates such popular songs as "You Really Got Me", "Lola" and "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion". Our show features authentic 1960's vintage amplifiers, guitars and personnel in an attempt to get as close as possible to the original Kinks sound.

The band was formed at the start of 2002, but various problems with personnel, rehearsal rooms and equipment meant that we could not start gigging until the beginning of 2003. Most of 2002 was spent looking for a bass player, and we auditioned several - including one suggested to us by no less than the managing director of Rickenbacker guitars - until we finally found Volker.

The group has been gigging round Cologne since May 2003, and they are consolidating their live performance into a tightly-knit musical unit, capable of putting out a performance in the best traditions of the original Kinks.


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