The Golden Afternoon with Martin Newelldefinitely not the cd cover
Summary (yes it was very summery) On the 14th of June 2003 Martin Newell celebrated his 50th birthday (which was actually in March) with a music concert at Colchester Arts Centre. This was a real treat for fans of Martin's music, as Martin has not done a gig like this for many years. The day was certainly a golden one with temperatures in the 70's, it almost seemed a shame to be in a converted church! 

He was joined on stage by Nelson and two Colchester lads who aided him on his recent album Radio Autumn Attc. Grahame Andrew and Paul Rutterford. The gig was a great success and well attended. Amongst the audience were Tiv (from The Off White Album and Martin's touring band), Ian Peppercorn from Gypp, Mike Foster, Luke Wright and Richard Fuell from the Renewell tribute, and even a member or two of Tommy's Magic Arse who'd come down from Scotland incorporating the event into a mad binge they were on.Thanks for your rousing Happy Birthday guys. Ashley Powell who does the Jarmusic website, Jane Lindsey (Martin's manager) and Agnes who came all the way from Holland. Martin was also greatly pleased to meet several people from his dim and distant past whom he hadn't seen for years. We all ate the cakes and drank the tea (or beer in my case) and had a bloody good time.

The event was recorded by Nelson for a forthcoming live disc. The event was also filmed by a professional camera crew under the direction of TV producer Michael Cumming there are now plans for a live concert/documentary/TV program.

More in depth look at the Golden Afternoon here.

The Golden Afternoon with Martin Newell - 14th June 2003 2pm-5pm Colchester Arts Centre.

Set A.
Julie Profumo/ Clarendon Lane/ Sugar Cane/ The Wicked Witch/ Drowning Butterflies/ The World Strikes One/ Straight To You Boy/ Victoria Grey/ A Woman & Some Whiskey/ Pinball (Brian Protheroe cover)
Set B.
The Golden Afternoon new/ Wake Up & Smell the Offy/ Rosebay Railway new/ Jacqui new/ Grenadine and Blue new/ My Lost Weekend new/ Sparkletown new /Better Than Anything new/ You Made It Rain new/ The Ghost Parade
Set C.
Walk Away (Mat Monro cover)/Before The Hurricane/ Home Counties Boy/ Miss Van Houtens' Coffee Shop/ When We Were A Thing/ Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Smiths cover)/ Carmosine/ Christmas In Suburbia/ The Green Gold Girl Of The Summer
Encore:- The Beer Elves.

Your Musicians:- Martin Newell –Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Vocals. 
              Peter 'Nelson' Nice- Upright Bass, Mandolin, Bongos, backing vocals.
                   Grahame Andrew- Guitars, backing vocals and Beach Boy style harmonies. 
              Paul Rutterford- Guitars, Shakers, backing vocals and Beach Boy style harmonies.