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Unused Photos from Lizardland album. Click 'Em

Various Pictures

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Martin and Nelson in long grass and weeds. Before the tour in 1989

A picture of Nel and Martin playing 'al fresco' in Wivenhoe

A similar of picture of Nel and Martin playing 'al fresco' in Wivenhoe

Same place, but just Martin

A dodgy polaroid, badly decomposed .

The Captain and Martin talking to someone unseen in car
who was actually Robyn Hitchcock  take our word for it

Martin in what looks like very un-green leather gear

Martin collapsed in street after a 5 day drinking binge through France. After Lizards split.
Captain took the pic and then carried Martin home to bed.
Definitely not a staged photo.

Lizards reunited. In Japan in the 90's

Nel and Martin with 8 track Picture scanned from newspaper

Martin and Nel, Martin in topper. Picture scanned from newspaper

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