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The Brotherhood Of Lizards 

Martin Newell (lead and backing vocals, the electrical and acoustic guitars, the fuzz guitar and ratuig drawkcab, a glockenspiel, some sleighbells, some windbells and the piano) 

        Nelson (a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar, another glockenspiel, more backing vocals, all drums and percussive matters and THE mandolin) 


It Could Have Been Cheryl {Newell} 
The World Strikes One{Newell} 
The Dandelion Marine {Newell/Nice} 
Rusty Iron Sun {Newell} 
The Happening Guy {Newell} 
Clockwork Train {Newell/Burns} 
The Day After Yesterday {Newell/Nice} 
Market Day {Newell/Nice} 
Dear Anya {Newell/Nice} 
Love The Anglian Way 
Sand Dragon {Nice/Newell} 
She Dreamed She Could Fly {Newell/Nice} 

    Later released by LongPlay Records with extra tracks as below. 

Hey Hey Hey We're the Brotherhood of Lizards 

CD: 1989        UK Deltic DELT CD 5 
    LP: 1989        UK Deltic DELT LP5 
    CT: 1989        UK Deltic DELT MC 5 

The whole LP was recorded in ragged trousered poverty at 'Lizardland' in Wivenhoe, Essex, England.

I did most of the song writing and Nelson did a bit of it. The song Clockwork Train started with one idea of Captain Sensible's and finished with one and a half ideas of mine.

We shared the engineering and all that neck-straining stuff bending over the mixer and plugging things into sockets.

No point in boring you with the equipment, but special mention should go to Mr Charlie Watkins and his wonderful invention, The W.E.M. Copicat echo unit for which there will never be a substitute.

An immense debt of gratitude is owed to Captain Sensible of Croydon who lent us his old Tascam eight-track machine. Without him we would have made these recordings on four-track. God bless yer guvnor.

Karen Chance did the cover painting and Steve Pilon did the sleeve design.

Thanks to Irene Higgs of Rockaway in America for the use of her voice on Clockwork Train, Deltic Records and House of McQueen, Long Play Records, Steve Pilon and Jill Kalish, and at long last, thank you to Scott Schinder.

R.I.P. Henrietta Cluck.... Died 22.3.89

If you have enjoyed this collection of pop songs, go out and buy yourself a drink.

Discographical info from John Relph (as ever) 

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