Otway's Return To The Charts 
A low autumn sun lit the beech trees
As Charlotte came strolling from school,
Past the pear-laden espalier
Where father was clearing the pool,
A high skein of geese graced the skyline,
The drama unfolded below.
"Tell me who Otway was daddy.
My teacher said that you would know."

"Otway?" her father downed leaf-rake
Rheumy eyes brimming with tears.
Face now upturned, he sobbed softly,
"I haven't heard 'head-butts' for years.
Why do you ask me, my daughter?
Did you hear tales from rough men?"
"No," said the girl "but it's charted.
Straight in from nowhere to 10."

"Child are you sure?" her dad shouted.
"Hear'Say break up? Otway charts?
Unlock your mother, fetch brandy
These are great days for the arts!"
"But who were Otway?" Asked Charlotte,
Are they a 'were', or an are?"
Otway, her father said gravely.
Was is and will be.... a star." 

"Otway, like Robin of Locksley
Robbed of his kingdom of pop,
Had to go roaming the outlands,
Gigging for years without stop.
Otway had hits-well had one hit-
After which he was unseated.
But until now his best efforts
Witnessed the trick unrepeated."

Charlotte stared hard at her father.
Was it her tidings this night
Stripped him of decades in seconds-
Or was it the soft autumn light?
"Miracle happen," he told her.
"Dreams can come true-if a lot pray,
Flowers will bloom in the desert.
But only John does it Otway."
After an absence of nearly 25 years,

 John Otway, die hard punk pop star

 is back in the charts, straight in at number 10 with 'Bunsen Burner'. 

The star's famously loyal fans, who each year give him something special for his birthday,

 agreed to give him something special for his 50th-a hit.
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