'A Rogue Shower'
by Martin Newell

downloadable MP3 E.P. in zip file.

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Hi listeners
Here are four very rough demoes of new songs recorded literally four-track
(like the old days) on a cold day in January.
They were produced/engineered on ancient anaologue gear by Fiona Harmon the
Fair Maid of Wivenhoe - who also took the cover picture.
She described the finished results as 'chocolaty'..
The dashing Nick Munt did a bit of mastering. My playing was sloppy
as usual and I don't care.


Track list:
1) Scarecrow Hair and Saucer-eyed
2) Chocolate Vauxhall
3) My Back Yard
4) Ooh, Julia Blue

If you want the tracks they are available to download in a zip file.

The web address is available on recipt of funds via paypal, (please allow 48 hours, though usually much quicker.) via donate link below, or to Martin's email address which is martin.newell at homecall.co.uk (change at to @)


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