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01.03.2004 07:26 - Still In Limbo

Magnatune finally updated their music today and sent out a bulletin.   That\'s two months since they did that.  Apparently they\'ve been flooded with stuff since the site really took off.

So where does that leave me, you ask?

Well, I\'m in a directory on the FTP server marked \"Evaluating\", along with \"Keith Dreizehn\" (Do you pronounce that \'keef\' or \'keet-he\'?), \"Pun\" and other hopefuls.  

Is there hope?  Well, Magnatune have released an album by \"Grayson Wray\" (Who despite his name sounds nothing like a mixture of Larry Grayson and Link Wray, which is a pity, as that could be interesting...) who is apparently their \"1960\'s British Invasion\" type.  Whether they want to recruit a real \"British Invader\" (OK, via Germany.. I\'m staging a mock retreat..) is anyone\'s guess.

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