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04.11.2008 07:20 - Pussyflaps

This word has been featured recently in my site stats. Apparently, several gentlemen of a foreign persuasion are eagerly looking for doors for their pet cats, and for some strange reason I seem to be a top destination. Which is somewhat peculiar, because I don't even own a cat.

Of course, we were owned part-time by a cat, but he's moved away with his main tin-openers, and there's been no applications to fill the vacancy.

In fact we haven't had a whiff of pussy for ages, so there's no point in installing a cat door.

What's even worse is that they seem to be looking for the cat doors of the rich and famous. Why else would they use the search phrase "Sarah Palin's pussy flaps"? I thought she had a pitbull terrier? Apparently it keeps eating her lipstick or something, so she had to buy a whole load of expensive ones.

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