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20.04.2009 08:36 - is Banned from this Website

As it says on the headline, linking from is now banned.

There is a good reason for this.

Microsoft, apparently, have been running a "stealth bot", which checks websites for "cloaking".  Cloaking is when a website substitutes a special page for actual content when a search bot indexes the site.  Microsoft say that they have been running this bot, which pretends to be a user (rather badly, it must be said) against websites which are known to have used cloaking.

You may have read that I have complained to Microsoft about their behavior in repeatedly requesting pages from this sight to do with "raptus", "comedian" and several other keywords.  I have received no response.  Further research revealed the problem above, and that Microsoft have erected forums and complaint areas to deal with this - both of which I'd already found and used. 

Typically, I have received no response.

Therefore I have no choice but to ban from this site.  I will also be freezing it out of all of my other websites.

If you wish to know how to do this, you need access to your site's .htaccess file.  You may already have one but not realise it as files beginning with '.' are traditionally hidden on *nix.  Edit it and add the following : 

order deny,allow
deny from

Which will tell Apache to tell to fuck right off.   Worried about losing hits?  Don't be.  has a negligible market presence.  I haven't had a hit from them until they started this crap running.

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