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03.07.2009 07:39 - The Humble Banana Reconsidered

Did you know that the average banana contains 8% potassium, 7% magnesium, and 3% phosphorous?!  Perhaps Donovan was right - a small bunch contains enough to blow your head off, never mind blowing your mind.   That's a dangerous weapon, according to British police.  I hope they don't get hold of this fact, otherwise they'll be using it to pester every vaguely Moslem-looking person caught buying a banana - "Do you have a pyrotechnic licence for that fruit, Sonny?"

Their world-renowned knowledge of chemistry has already been used against hairdressers, due to not knowing the difference between neat hydrogen peroxide and peroxide solution.  You'd think one of the female officers would have explained that to them, wouldn't you?  "This is how it ends, not with a bang, just a fringe". 

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