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26.08.2009 22:36 - Manifold:Spooky

(There's only about three people in the world who will understand this joke. One of them wrote it, the other is the subject of it, and if you're the third, please feel free to write in.)

The plan went well : the Alien creature was easily caught by Nemoto's cunning trap, and the Gang were lined up with the local sherrif, the Alien helplessly bundled in front of them.  Nemoto explained how she had deduced who the Alien was, by noting the luminous paint, the receipt from the Hollywood Monster Museum and the inflatable flying saucer.  Reid Malenfant stepped forward, flexing his biceps underneath his blue NASA coverall and ripped off the rubber mask, to reveal that the Alien was none other than.... science fiction author Steven Baxter.

Nemoto gasped.  "This can only mean that universe is..."

"Yes" snarled Baxter, "This universe is none other than the Scooby-Doo resolution of the Fermi Paradox!  And I would have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids!"

"Don't let him say it!" screamed Malenfant.

Too late.

They dissolved into helpless laughter as their universe faded around them.

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