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01.02.2010 19:42 - Inspector Barnaby

Over here, "Midsomer Murders" (although it's entitled "Inspector Barnaby") is quite popular, as Germans believe that it projects a realistic portrayal of English Village life.

Oh yeah?

I don't know if you've actually watched it, but the Intrepid Inspector Barnaby has to investigate a murder every week, in the county of Midsomer, and whilst he's working out who did it (and, let's face it, there's not that many suspects), several other villagers get knocked off - and this has been going on since 1997!  There's been 71 separate episodes!  That's about 284 slayings!  There's parts of New York have a lower bodycount than that!

Is he not the worst police detective in the world?

Furthermore this takes place in one small county, with several villages.  Now, the average village can't have more than about 50 - 100 people living there at any one time.  Given the fact that 4-5 murders take place every episode, a particularly small village would only be able to take ten episodes worth of murders before everyone in the place has either been topped or nicked, if no-one is moving into the county, although I don't think it's a particularly popular place to live.  I imagine the life insurance rates aren't conducive, although I imagine the property market is probably booming.

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