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03.03.2010 20:45 - The New Look

You might have noticed the new look. I deliberately tried to make it as simple as possible, but with useful elements of the old look.  Web cheese gets short shrift round here.  Pretty graphics are all very, well, pretty, but on some sites I look at the graphic-heavy layout and think "I don't care about the 3d shadow effects and alpha transparency, just want to read the text".

Obviously that doesn't include the spiffy-looking interface to Google maps.  Personally I think it's the best way to display the whereabouts of upcoming gigs without getting too technical.  Google does the lookup, the pretty graphics and the geocoding, and sooner or later I'll be able to put in a search - find the nearest gig etc.  Right now, there doesn't seem much point.

Yes, it still uses tables, but it uses tables the way tables should be used - to construct tabular information such as calendars.

It also uses a simple content management system of my own devising.  I can put up a new page in about ten minutes, and edit the HTML online.  It saves a lot of arsing about with FTP.

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