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30.06.2010 20:39 - Frische Luft

What is it with Germans and air-conditioning?  Is it me or are they reptiles or something?   In the middle of the summer, with the sun gradually scorching the paint off the building, do they insist on keeping the windows closed because of the draught?  Why, when the air conditioning has got the place just right, do they then open the windows and let all the boiling heat back in?

I'll tell you why.  It's because of this strange obsession with "Frische Luft".

Middle of winter, what does my girlfriend do?  She OPENS the window in the bedroom!  It's -4 outside!  We've just spent a couple of hours with the radiator on in there so that we can walk in bare feet without the skin freezing to the floor, so why, in God's name, WHY?

Because she can't sleep if it's TOO warm. 

Too warm presumably being anything over slightly comfortable for a Polar Bear. 

This means getting into bed is a race against time, before anything freezes and snaps off. 

And once I've finally gotten warm and stopped shivering...bam! She puts her two freezing-cold feet on me!

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