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19.10.2010 19:36 - Kick your MP in the Balls

There's a lot of things that Germans are fairly bad at, from an English perspective.  They don't hold open doors for people.  They're pushy.  They can't queue.  But there is one thing that they've got in spades, and that's the guts to stand up against devious politicians. 

German politics tends to be more local, because they're a Federation.  For example, I live in North-Rhine Westphalen, which is part of the Federal German Republic.  My taxes largely stay in NRW, because the individual areas have considerably more autonomy.  Because of this, there's a lot less "us and them" attitude to politics, and because of this, if any scheming little git of a politician tries to pull a fast one, they'll get up and have a go at him.  Oh, you can go on about Stuttgart 21 and the politicians ignoring the will of the people, but the point is that the people turned out, in front of Riot Police and Water Cannon, to protest.

Because they know the alternative.  Half of them were still living with it until 1989.

As the Hung Parliament reveals itself to be basically another Thatcherite Nightmare where "We're in this all together" has the subtext "but some of us are only in it up to our shoes, because we're treading on those who are in over their heads", It's worthwhile remembering that the Government only rule because we let them. 

If you let them forget that, you will only have yourselves to blame for what follows.

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