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30.08.2011 00:00 - Reassembly is a Reversal of the Disassembly Procedure

I've invented a generic Bruce Springsteen song - it goes -

"Car euphemism, car euphemism, car euphemism, River."

Have you ever noticed that Bruce Springsteen gets a bit too over-technical when he sings about cars? Some songs sound as though he's singing the Haynes manual. It's something of a surprise that he's never written a song called "Re-assembly is a reversal of the disassembly Procedure"

"Reassembly is a reversal of the disassembly procedure" is, of course, one of the great lies of the 20th Century. It ranks right up there with "No-one wants to build a wall across Berlin" and "I did not have sex with that woman". For this reason, many petrolheads refer to the manual for their model as "The Haynes Book of Lies".

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