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Peter Otzen

Peter is the original founding member of the group, and plays the drums very loudly. By day he is a librarian and goes around saying "shush!" a lot. By night he plays drums loudly and doesn't say "shush!" at all. He is keen on outdoor pursuits, and has been frequently pursued by the Cologne Polizei.


Steve Dix

Steve plays lead guitar and sings. Steve comes from England, and so his mastery of his mother tongue and authentic appalling English dentistry assist in the accurate reproduction of Ray Davies' lyrics. He is the only known case of Tourette's syndrome by proxy, and can literally make a priest swear. By night he is a superhero, and boasts such special powers as becoming one with the darkness, leaping small rocks with a good run and a favorable wind, communicating with the spirits of the air and standing very still indeed.


Martin Esch

Martin plays rhythm guitar and sings. By day he runs a SAP consulting company. Besides the Kinks he loves Zydeco music, Cologne carnival and FC Köln, the local football team.


Volker Bäcker

Volker plays bass and sings backing vocals. He is a teacher for handicapped children. In a former life he was a medieval Troubador, and was known as "The Satan of the Strings". He still hasn't got a good photo though.



Frank stood in on our first concert when we needed a bass player. Frank gains a living by re-enacting great moments of French History, and his "Storming of the Bastille" has to be seen to be believed. He is a world-renowned expert on false dentures of the Weimar Republic and lists his hobbies as chasing parked cars and snoring.


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