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05.06.2005 14:27 - Not Rock Enough

This weekend, Her Maj's 4-year-old godchild has been visiting us, along with his parents. He's apparently keen on a bit of Rock & Roll, and so wanted to see some of my guitars.

So, off to the groovy cupboard we went, where I pulled out the Gibson Les Paul Special, plugged it into a practice amp and widdled away a few riffs.. According to him, it was just "not bad".

Not bad? A Les Paul Special?

Apparently, it wasn't "Rawk" enough, as he told his mother.

A guitar, with twin P90s that snarl and bark like a Rottweiler let loose in the Post Office canteen at lunchtime, not "Rawk" enough? A guitar that has had practically every other guitarist who's heard it weeping tears of joy, not "Rawk" enough? A guitar that pretty much gives the Pete Townshend "Live at Leeds" sound, not "Rawk" enough? A guitar that was practically a requisite of the Punk Era.... (well, you get the idea).

So, how's about I get the "Big Amp" out, gaffer-tape your head to the speaker cabinet, turn up to 11 and strum on this little old E power chord till your EARS BLEED, Boy?

Is that "Rawk" enough for you?

I don't care if he's only four, I'm not taking this sort of shit from someone who "plays" a plastic ukelele and sleeps with a stuffed effigy of a woodland creature.

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