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20.12.2007 08:13 - Weinachtsmarkts

One thing I hate about Weihnachtsmarkts is all the English Tourists making fools of themselves. You can tell when they arrive - you can hear a high-pitched whining. It's all the complaints.

"Oh they don't make the tea properly here, do they?“
"Oh I didn't like that sausage, it tasted funny.“
"Oh the bacon was all raw“
"Oh I didn't understand anything, it's all in foreign.“

All the british tourists walk round the Weinachtsmarkt, then they do their shopping in the English Shop.

Apparently, they've now imported the idea of "German Christmas Markets" to England - but they've got rid of all the 'nasty foreign bits'. So you can go to Weinachtsmarkts in England - and nobody there speaks german, there's no gluwein, and the catering has been reduced to the usual British standards.

Doubtless they are full of German tourists complaining :

"Oh, zer sausages do not taste of anysing!“
"Ziss is instant koffee, not real koffee!“
"Vat you mean you don't speak German, zis is a german Weihnachtsmarkt!“
"In Germany, zis vould not be allowed!!“

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