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09.05.2004 11:31 - Open Mic Night

I didn\'t have a good time at the Open Mic night last night.

I was playing and singing well, but for some reason this time it didn\'t click with the audience.  I didn\'t have any friends in the audience, which was probably one reason.  The acts this time seemed more comedy-oriented (and of course, they\'d brought their friends).   One brought a crew from RTL (RadioTelLuxembourg, now based in Cologne) to film her, but was a bit mortified as she didn\'t get a single laugh.  I think the worst act was a Ukrainian who read his poetry, and then picked up a guitar and said \"Friends, as you have been so good to me, I would like to sing you a song..\"(in German) and then proceeded to wail his way through a song in English.

Anyway, some you win, some you lose.

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