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17.08.2010 08:47 - Thick Coppers

Just back from a whistle-stop weekend at my parents in Rugeley.


On Saturday night, there was a bit of an "incident" outside, with three women and two men kicking the shit out of some poor devil.  My dad phoned the police, and the Priest who lives opposite at the local R.C. Church, also came out and tried to stop the fight.


Next morning - SUNDAY - we get a visit from two plain-clothes detectives, who take a statement.  Throughout the statement, the bells are ringing opposite.  "Right" says the chief detective "We're off to see the Priest".


My father points out that the Priest might be busy at the moment.  The Police give him a funny look and leave.


I can only wonder how, with such deductive powers, these two made it to Detective.  Just as well the Priest isn't black.

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