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08.09.2004 16:21 - Orders are Orders

I\'ve been spending some of my new-found cash.

First a few pennies have gone toward Joachim Reinbold at Jarmusic, to secure some more Martin Newell stuff.  Top service : the order arrived practically immediately.

A few more pennies went to Rockinger, for some bits and pieces for guitars. Top service too : the order arrived after about two days, which I imagine is how long it took the Überweisung (bank transfer) to go through.  Two excellent results in what is known as the \"Servicewüste\" of Europe.

(I once met the bloke who used to own Rockinger, courtesy of a friend of mine.  I wonder if he\'s the same bloke who does Duesenberg guitars?  Answers on the back of a Duesenberg Carl Carlton LH model c/o me, please)

Unfortunately, Rockinger didn\'t stock left-handed bass guitar machine-heads.  I need some of these to resuscitate my J&D jazz bass copy, especially as it now has some halfway-decent \"Select by EMG\" pickups.  The old machine-heads are the vintage open-type fender copies, and they are so loose that the screw jumps out of the gear due to the unacceptable amount of lash.

Unable to find a set of left-handed heads, I settled for buying two packs of \"economy\" heads for a 2x2 bass (two left, two right).  To get these I had to go to Thomann.  Thomann have been widely recommended to me in the past by friends, so I thought I wouldn\'t have much trouble.  Oh no.  For two weeks now, I\'ve been sitting waiting for this order.  Finally today I sent them a message, as their phone line was unreachable.  I got back two messages, the first saying that the order had been despatched, the second saying that the order was delayed because they had to wait for the heads to arrive, as they had run out.

Yeah, sure, chinny-rub-rub.

If the things weren\'t in stock, then why didn\'t they phone/email in the first place and warn me?  They ask for phone nos and email addresses in the order, so why not use them?

I think I know all too well what happened, and it involves forgetting the order and then thinking up some story as an excuse.  It may not actually be the case, but if they\'d picked up the phone/emailed, then they wouldn\'t have this little comment, sitting out on the internet where everyone could read it, would they?  Thomann, I\'m very disappointed in you.  Try harder.

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