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Return To Bohemia

Released online in May 2014

Recorded on a Tascam Pocketstudio using real musical instruments. Twelve new high quality songs.

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new album from The Cleaners From Venus 2012

Available to download

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It's here, it's ginchy and from early November, it'll be available from bookshops and our own online shop. It's called The Stars On A Tray. It's the very best of 4 years of my columns and articles for The East Anglian Daily Times.
Beautifully illustrated by Ms Hilary Lazell, it'll be an ideal Christmas present or life changing experience for anyone who can read or look at pictures. It's £7.99 and probably a bit of postage, if you live very far away. And yes, we do Paypal.

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The Cleaners From Venus

In Chimp World

1. Dirty Stop-out
2. Dear Wesley
3. Back In The Day
4. In Chimp World

Written and played by Martin Newell
Engineered and co-produced by Dave Allen
in spring and summer of 2011
in the fair county of Essex.

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English Electric

1. Wake Up and Dream
2. Ghost of Jenni Rainbyrd
3. English Electric
4. Sunken City
5. All the Lights in This House
6. Call The Wrecking Crew
7. St. Overdose-on-Sea
8. The Queen and Me
9. All Through The Greenwood
10. Little Ships

11. Secret Stations

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I didn't even expect to be making another record this year. Didn't know what I was expecting to do. However round about Easter having a bit of time on my hands, I thought I ought to maybe do another download for the website. Up in Dave's garden shed, with a little digital eight-track, the kind which young musicians buy to make their first demos on, we started work. The thing is, I discovered, a shed and a portastudio is exactly my forte. I've made perfectly good records with less. We had one mic, my acoustic guitar, a semi-acoustic bass and my old Rickenbacker. No keyboards, no proper drum kit--only some beats backed up with a few kitchen utensils for percussion. Two months later, we've nearly finished an album of almost brand new songs, most of them written a couple of days or so before I began recording them

Using classic garage production methods, we slammed things down, often in one or two takes, left them, stuck some reverb on them and mixed them to CD. Very Cleaners from Venus. When I finally air the collection, which I will do quite soon, I will ask myself: "What's changed, since I was last doing this kind of d.i.y thing?" The answer is, everything...but also, nothing. I'm probably a slightly better songwriter and musician, if a slightly less fiery one.


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'The Best Download E.P.Yet' Paul Wilkinson (who knows about things like that)


(featuring some tracks recorded and released circa 15th April 2010. Beat that Steely Dan)

  1. Wake Up & Dream

  2. Me and the Queen

  3. St Overdose On Sea

  4. Little Ships

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'PIANO FAIRIES' (released December 2009)

*Download Only.

  1. Poster Girl (piano)
  2. Believe Your Dreams
  3. Your Best Friend
  4. My Favourite Train
  5. Poster Girl (guitar)

Piano Demos of 5 tracks . 4 new songs. (one song has 2 versions)

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2009 Works in progress

the cunningly titled 'E.P. 2' Just out, late August 2009

4 tracks

1) Will I Do
2) Wait Till Spring
3) Bag Of Dust (2009)
4) 2nd Hand Man

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'A Rogue Shower'

1) Scarecrow Hair and Saucer-eyed
2) Chocolate Vauxhall
3) My Back Yard
4) Ooh, Julia Blue


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Let's Kiosk!

Martin Newell / Humbug Records
4 track CD e.p. 1994 black and white pic sleeve 280 copies (about)
Track List: The Jangling Man/ Former Phonebox Vandal / Wunderbarmaid/ I Will Haunt Your Room.

Live In Japan '94

Now available as a download only. Slightly edited down from original for convenient listening on the go. None of the charm lost, gauranteed.

Cleaners for this gig included the Damned's Captain Sensible, XTC's Dave Gregory/ Garrie Dreadful and Nelson from New Model Army
Contains 13 live tracks .

Prices the world Four pounds and 50pence. Email Martin for details Paypal etc


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