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27.01.2004 00:14 - The Dreaded Soup Of Weight Reduction, Part 2

After a day of rest, we are back on the dreaded soup, only this time Her Maj has made it slightly differently, adding curry powder and.......Sesame seed oil.  Sesame seed oil is ok, but has a slight problem.  If you\'re going to cook with the stuff, make sure that

  1. You have an industrial-strength extractor fan.  One of Concorde\'s jet engines would be ideal.  I hear there\'s a number of them coming up second-hand on Ebay of late.
  2. You like the smell of heated sesame seed oil, because it stinks.

The kitchen is a no-go area as it smells like a ... well, it smells like a Chinese Restaurant kitchen.  Words fail me, but \"unspeakably foul\" manages to convey some of the smell.  I had the windows open in the kitchen all day and the stink is still wafting round.


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