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18.07.2005 19:35 - Feline Beeline

The cat ate a bee yesterday.

This is the cat which doesn't belong to us, but has decided we're worth belonging to. It's trying to inviegle its way into the flat, but has so far been shooed out. His original plan of sucking up to Her Maj wasn't working, so he's now targeted me as a possible way in.

Well, yesterday, Mr. Pussycat decided to show me how much he Luuuurrrrved me. This involved crawling up on my lap and lying in my arms like a baby, whilst being stroked, and purring like a two-stroke engine. This demonstration went on for about half-an-hour, until he noticed a big fat bumble-bee lying injured on the roof.

He stalked it, he tapped it with his front paws, and then he ate it, with a sickening crunch. Bloody stupid animal. By rights he should be lying dead in a bin at the vet's after eating a bumble bee, but somehow he seems to have managed to avoid being stung altogether.

One life down, eight to go.

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