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22.12.2005 08:04 - Yet Another 419 Scam.

From : Princess Leia
Subject : You're my Only Hope.

Dear Sir,

I am Princess Leia Organa of the Royal House of Alderaan, Former member of the Senate of the Republic, commander of the Rebel Alliance, and daughter of Senator Bail Organa, head of the Alderaan Government. My father and his subjects died in a terrible attack by the Empire's secret weapon, the Death Star, which destroyed our entire planet, killing the entire population and rendering the Alderaan star system into a treacherous asteroid field. I am contacting you personally as my father always spoke highly of you and recommended that I should not hesitate, in matters of dire emergency, to seek your assistence.

Although my father and his subjects are dead, our entire fortune still exists, held in an account within the old Republic banking system. I am the only person who has access to the codes which allow this money to be taken out of the repository on Coruscant. However, as I am Head of the Rebel Alliance and have a price on my head placed there by the Empire, attempting to enter the Bank would have dire consequences.

I therefore ask for your help in this matter. You are wise in the ways of the old Jedi Knights and would be able to enter the Bank without too many questions being asked. Once you have received the money, you may take a considerable share, and forward it on to me.

I hope that this will meet your approval and look forward to hearing from you.

Senator Leia Organa

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