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28.04.2006 09:37 - Novello Awards A Sham

It has been brought to my attention that the Ivor Novello awards have become a travesty and a sham.

To whit : Coldplay winning a Novello.

FFS, what were they thinking of?!

Has the craft of song-writing become such a pale shadow of itself that this useless bunch get a Novello?

We're talking about a band which is the ultimate result of the soundbite culture. Listen to them, if you can. A typical Coldplay song consists of one musical phrase, sung by the singer, ad nauseum, and then repeated by the guitarist, or on the piano, until anyone with anything longer than the attention span of a fly gets bored. This, as far as I am concerned, is not songwriting. Songwriting is a melody, a harmony and actually saying something, preferably not in a preachy sanctimonious studenty tedious way. All the better then, if the song gives you a kick up the arse and makes you tap your feet. Clodpale does none of this as far as I am concerned. It just repeats two rather dull pieces of music repetitively. No alteration. No progression. No evolution. No invention. Even Oasis do better. Claypole just come across as rock for people who don't like rock very much.

I suppose you could argue that it's minimalism in music, and that a lot of music doesn't have anything more than three chords. Let's face it, western music is the only music with a concept of lumping notes together and calling them chords.

At least James Blunt manages to work a melodic progression into his stuff.

I think we're ready for a musical revolution something along the lines of punk. Please.

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