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15.02.2004 16:43 - Leonard Nimoy Takes on Tolkien....and Loses

Before the current \"Lord Of The Rings\" trilogy, many people have attempted to bring Tolkien to the screen.  Some, like the Beatles, didn\'t get beyond the planning stage. (A pity, as Ringo would have made a great Sam Gamgee and Lennon was going to play Gollum)  Others did, like Ralph Bakshi\'s animated part one of a planned two-parter. (the second part was never made - well, not by Bakshi anyway.)

But for sheer awfulness, one single product stands head and shoulders above all.  It was the song \"The Legend of Bilbo Baggins\", and it was sung by Leonard Nimoy.  Extensive investigations have finally found a quicktime movie of the promo-clip here.

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