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20.02.2004 17:48 - GAS at Carnival

I haven\'t made many entries of late due to it being the middle of Carnival in Cologne.  Carnival can be really wild at times.  Anyway, the last week has been spent recovering from parties of one form or another.  The first party took place after seeing a Metallica tribute band \"Cunning Stunts\" with my friend Martin.  After the gig, we ended up at a party given by the singer of a band called \"Ripley\".   Thursday (yesterday) was \"Weiberfaßtnacht\" and so I went out with a bunch of friends :  firstly with friends at lunchtime and then later that night with friends from my german course.  In the later session we ended up at \"The Hard Rock Cafe\" in Cologne, and we were lucky enough to get free beer all night thanks to one of our number who works there.  This particular HRC has a number of \"famous\" guitars on the wall, but the one that really caught my eye was a Gibson ES350 which was a special order by Elliot Gould, formerly of \"The Cars\".  He\'s left-handed, and so this ES350 is apparently the only left-hooker model in the world.  Mind you, the sign underneath it also describes it as \"double cutaway\", which it clearly isn\'t.

I don\'t care.  I Want IT.

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