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07.07.2006 09:45 - The Warm Summer Months

The warm summer months usually bring a sense of ennui to the internet : all the students have gone home and lost their free internet access, everyone's out busy getting worrying brown spots on their skin, and so it takes a particular sort of weirdo to spend time searching the internet, let alone write a comprehensive blog entry.

So, it's that faithful old standby, the search string - or, searches that brought weirdos to my blog.

First up is the perennial "how to spam someone", this time coming from Scharnitz, in the Austrian Tirol.  For heaven's sake, stop abusing the internet and go out and kill a few bears or something.

Next is the frankly strange "Ladders balanced" from Scampton, Lincolnshire, UK, which, I presume, is indicative of the level of entertainment to be found there.  The long winter nights must just fly by.

In Sydenham, Victoria, Australia, they're wondering what sort of "clothes groupies wear for the Rolling Stones".  Given Keith's recent interests, crash-helmets would be preferable, although I imagine most of the original groupies these days are into support-hosiery and foundation garments.

And that rounds up another cheaply-produced blog entry.


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