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18.07.2006 08:13 - Porn Laws

Last night, I spent some time talking to an actress acquaintance of mine, who makes a living out of pornography.

Now, said actress does not actually perform in the porn. Oh no. She dubs the voices of the performers. You see, strange as it may seem, there are laws governing film soundtracks in certain countries in Europe, which insist that all films imported for exhibition must have the soundtrack redubbed to the national language. If not, there exists the chance of heavy fines or the movie not being passed for exhibition. Not only that, but the quality of the translation is also reviewed. God forbid that, whilst watching "Anal Goat Felch Vol 4", you should be exposed to the incorrect tense of a verb. Who knows what sort of moral corruption this could lead to?

So, my actress acquaintance, who is proficient in a number of languages, has to dub these films into the required languages, which is apparently money for old rope, as the majority of the dialogue is somewhat, as you may imagine, repetitive, with the occasional fairly easy to translate gynaecological aside. So much so that they are often asked to "double up" and play another character in the same film.

I bet this entry is going to be a winning string on Google, although will ultimately disappoint many lonely men with too much spare time on their hands.

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