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07.10.2006 14:35 - Call Yourself A Supermarket?!

Some of life's little luxuries are unavailable when you live in a foreign country.  For example, ginger biscuits.  The Germans have yet to be introduced to the sublime luxury of a ginger biscuit, dunked in your tea.  Mind you, most of them still think that giving you a cup of hot water and a tea bag is service. 

So, when one would like the taste of home, one is forced to stock up on one's little luxuries whilst one was over there.   Unfortunately, one was over there when a bunch of peroxide-toting terrorist wannabies were being harrassed for their lack of 'O'-level chemistry by the UK Police (who apparently weren't exactly able to quote the periodic table off by heart either) and so one was unable to bring the quantities that one would like, ginger biscuits and tea being well-known explosive ingredients.

Fortunately, a friend has been in the UK for the last two weeks, and she picked me up some tea and biscuits.  Unfortunately, she wasn't able to pick up any ginger biscuits because, and get this, the branch of Sainsbury's she went in didn't have any.

I'll repeat that.  One of the largest supermarket chains in the UK didn't have any ginger biscuits.  Not McVities, not even their own-brand ginger biscuits.  This is a large supermarket in London, not a small branch stuck out in the wilds.  This is something we expect from the Co-op.  Not from Sainsbury's.

So, Sainsbury's.  Call yourself a supermarket?  Bunch of amateurs, more like.  Even Morrisons had ginger biscuits last time I was there, and that was in the more godforsaken areas of Staffordshire. 

And don't you dare quote the English Shop at me.


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