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31.10.2006 07:32 - Back in The Day

A sure sign of middle age is becoming increasingly irritated by modern argot, and I am no exception to this rule.

One phrase that really, really, gets my back up is "back in the day". It is not a phrase, it is a mutilation of a phrase, and it pisses me off enormously, because it's crap. It's usually uttered by people who don't think properly about what they're going to say, and who's conversation consists of clichés stuck together with very little meaning in-between.

I mean, look at it. "Back in the day". What day? It's completely ungrammatical and it replaces the plural with the singular. "Back in the day, we had no computers" is one I often hear. It's "We didn't have computers in my day" or "When we didn't have computers". or even "Back in the days when..."

And then these people have the cheek to tell you that you're not using their language properly.


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