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20.12.2006 11:16 - Cutting Remarks.

I've had a bit of unsolicited mail this morning, from some person asking that I should publicise an Israeli intellectual's blog, because he's uniformly unpopular, and google won't list him.  It went straight in the round file.  After all, he's never publicized me.

It did remind me, though, of an incident last night whilst on the way to meet up with a group of people at the christmas market.  Whilst crossing Roncalli Platz, I was confronted by a person carrying a placard emblazoned with the following :

What is the difference
between the Israeli Army
and Terrorists?

I tapped him on the shoulder and asked "Do I get a prize if I know the correct answer?".

"OK Mr. Smartarse", he replied, "what is the difference?".

"Circumcision" I answered.

He wasn't very happy at all. 

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