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22.12.2006 11:29 - 21st Century Boy

Some signs that you are living in the 21st Century.

  • You get up at five in the morning to do your Christmas shopping over the internet, before everyone else logs in.
  • You plan your holidays based on whether or not you can get good reception on your Blackberry.
  • You swap from Starbucks to Woyton, not because the coffee is any better, but because Woyton does free Wi-fi.
  • When your friends come round, you don't show them your holiday photos. That's because you already emailed them the link to your Flickr account, cross-referenced with your GPS data so that you can link to exactly where you stood when you took them, on Google Earth.
  • You've just emailed them a link to this article, and posted a comment deploring the lack of trackback on this blog.

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