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10.01.2007 08:00 - Orwell and Bad

Some random facts, courtesy of the "big screen" in the U-Bahn :

Number of times the average Londoner is caught on CCTV each day : 300

Police in Germany have rounded up gangs of paedophiles in the biggest operation of its kind. The offenders were detected by scanning the records of every credit card in Germany.

Interesting, eh? The police have been sifting through the details of EVERY credit card in Germany, ticking off what people have bought and when. If you complain that you have the right to keep your purchases to yourself, then you're given the excuse "It was to stop paedophiles". Therefore, in insisting on your right to privacy, you're supporting pervs, so you must be guilty by association. Pretty devious, eh? I wonder what the CC companies charge for this "service"? I know they already do "data mining" and sell those details on, but this is far more sinister.

I believe we're all being prepared for 24-hour Orwellian surveillance in a manner that would make Ol' George spin in his grave. Not only are they trying to convince us of the "benefits" of being overwatched, they're making it look like entertainment - look at all these 'Hidden Camera' reality shows on TV. Never mind silly privacy! You could be famous!

I wonder. Is there any connection between George Orwell (really named Eric Arthur Blair) and a certain Prime minister?

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