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12.01.2007 08:57 - A Very English Disease

In a report that's doing the rounds at the moment, (although I wouldn't take it too seriously, because it's out of the Daily Mirror ) the following two facts stand out about the English :



NEARLY 12 per cent of Britons under 35 have tried the hard drug at least once, says the annual report of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Yet some experts believe this is the tip of the iceberg and the real figure is closer to that of world leader, America.

Most alarmingly of all, the use of crack and cocaine has doubled among children in just one year.


BAD diet, pollution and excessive cleanliness are blamed for our children suffering eczema, hay fever or food allergies.

Almost half of British kids now suffer from allergies, according to a study published in medical journal The Lancet.

Eczema and hay fever has trebled in the last 20 years and since 1991 there has been an incredible 700 per cent increase in hospital admissions for life-threatening allergic reactions.



I have to ask myself, are the two connected? Let's face it, hay fever must be a hell of a thing when you've dissolved your septum.


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