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15.01.2007 11:35 - Million-to-One Coincidences Happen 9 Times Out Of 10

The world is an insane place.

For example, it has been mathematically proven with social networks that you are basically six people away from everyone in the world. It's also been proven that the entire world population could stand on the Isle of Wight, which, coupled with the above fact, probably means you wouldn't feel too lonely, although you'd probably have to shout a bit to make yourself heard.

But my life is particularly whacky, and not just because I do the occasional comedy gig or sing in a 60's Beatpop styleee.

For example: Do you remember the McCain Oven Chips ad, with the little curly-haired bloke who sounded italian? The same bloke, I might add, who appeared in the Kelloggs Fruit and Fibre ads? He also appeared - very briefly - in the Woody Allen film "Love and Death". His name is Chris Sanders. I know this, because his father, Cecil Sanders, used to keep a corner shop in Arch Street, just round the back of my Parent's house, in the days when Arch St. was all terraced housing. All now long-gone, as is Sander's. On Cecil's death, it was discovered, going through his papers, that he had been a prisoner of war along with no less a person than Marshal Zhukov, later Minister of Defence for Soviet Russia.

Bonkers, eh? It gets even better.

Doubtless many of you will be familar with "Coronation St.", and with Sue Nicholls, who played Audrey. Better known as the Rt. Hon. Susan Harmor-Nicholls, or Ms Popov from Rentaghost. Even better, she used to work in an ironmongers in Rugeley owned by a relative.

You probably think I'm off my rocker. There's more to come.

My Aunt is married to Lord Lew Grade's son. He used to go to school with most of the original line-up of Genesis. They, of course, live in Rugeley.

And it goes on. During World War II, the nearby village of Colton, where my mum came from, was the site of exercises by the 74 Lt. Medium and Heavy Artillery Regiments - regiments that contained the incendiary Bombardier Secombe, H and Bombardier Milligan, T.A., better known as "Spike". Two thirds of the Goons, if you don't count Bentine. During World War One, Cannock Chase, the nearby Forestry Commission area, was host to an Army Camp. Actually, the Army Camp had been there since Napoleonic times, as can be seen by the names of some parts of the town and surrounding Countryside, such as Shooting Butts. One significant trainee who emerged from this camp, I recently learned, was one John Ronald Reull Tolkein. Apparently his wife lived in a cottage in nearby Great Haywood, where he recuperated in 1916 after catching Trench Fever.

To continue the Tolkien vein, a friend of mine used to correspond with someone in New Zealand. We used to do a cartoon which she published in NZ in a fanzine she wrote. Years later, and who do I find was the lead modelmaker for the recent films? You guessed it.

How's that for mad?

If that's not a case for advanced Solipsism, I'll eat my hat. 

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