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23.03.2007 07:30 - Going Under For The Third Time

This Tuesday and Wednesday will be the third (Bonn) and fourth (Cologne) time I will have done stand-up comedy before an audience. I am, therefore, somewhat apprehensive, mainly because my last engagement didn't go down so well. What makes it more worrying is that there will be people there from WDR, who are looking for people to replace "Nightwash", which has been headhunted by the Comedy Channel.

I have, in the last month, been very busy pointing up the act, reducing set-ups, adding punchlines and tags, and generally tweaking the performance. I have been delivering the act to the mirror on the wardrobe. Her Maj has been giving me a hard time, as she feels that I am "not funny" and "wasting my time". (But what does she know? She's never told a joke in her life.) It's been hard. A number of things, including a whole section about George W. Bush, have had to be removed at the last moment, because I was running double the length of time. (Which is a pity, because I'd worked hard on the Bush impression) Another section has had to be toned down as it's on a somewhat sensitive subject in Germany, and could, quite literally, get me arrested. Even in it's toned-down form it may offend the more conservative audience members.

This is either going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride, or it's going to be a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

If it goes well, you may get to see some of it on here.

IF it goes well.

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