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08.04.2008 07:36 - Making The Olympics Fun Again

I wholeheartedly applaud the protesters in the UK and France who have brought a whole new fun dimension to the Olympics, as the flame of freedom is transported to a country where the word "freedom" seems to be in very short supply.

Personally, I think that the next Olympics should be decided by being the country that snuffs the flame of freedom out altogether, like the UK, where the protesters who tried to snuff out the flame with a fire extinguisher don't actually have the right to protest thanks to that turnabout weasel Tony Blair.  It would certainly make the journey of the flame a lot more interesting - sort of an extended cat-and-mouse competition - and it would mean that the runners would actually have to be capable of fending off such attacks, rather than publicity-seeking self-aggrandizing tossers who pay to hold the torch.

Where's the bloke who attacked Bill Gates with a custard pie when we need him, eh?

PS. China, Tiananmen Square, Tibetan rights, Dalai Lama, Human rights, crimes against freedom and the individual. Would anyone who finds this site via Google in China please leave a comment?  No cheating via proxies.  On your marks, get set, go!


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