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23.04.2008 07:50 - A Disaster Becomes A Triumph

So, The Bonn show last night was a real success.  Which was amazing, because it really looked as though it was  going to be a full-scale utter disaster.  First of all, we had a double-booking.  The winter garden (back room) which we use as a dressing room was booked for a Chelsea/Liverpool match.  Secondly, there weren't many bookings. A recipe for disaster. In fact, the worst recipe for disaster I've experienced is the one for Kartoffel auflauf that came with our microwave.  But this was getting close.

Fortunately, a number of things happened.  A lot of physics students turned up, thinking it was Karaoke night.  They decided to stay.  Secondly, Ciaran brought a friend over, another comedian named Pauline, who is apparently the "Queen of Irish Comedy" - in Cork.  Well, she did five minutes and she lived up to the title.  My "James Bond" spoof went down well.  James Allan pulled an absolute corker of an act out from under his hat, which was slightly delayed by a hamburger -the edible kind, not someone from the city.  Finally Ciaran stunned the audience into submission with some well-hewn Irish high-power comedy.

No, I haven't got a video of it, for complex reasons beyond this blog.


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