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24.09.2008 08:11 - Election Problems

Whilst I was in the USA, I was able to watch a lot of television.  One of the things about the US is that they have a brilliant TV channel dedicated to political satire.  It's called Fox News.  One of the best jokes on it was when John McCain came out with the absolute corker "The Economy is basically sound" about 24 hours after the Stock Markets crashed.  That's like saying "The engine is still good" about a car just after all the wheels fell off.  It's like a bizarre version of the Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch :  "It is a dead economy.  Bereft of life, it rests in peace".  "It's fundamentally sound".  No wonder he hangs round with someone called Palin.

As for Sarah Palin?

I like her.

No, really.  I was really worried about Bush stepping down, because he keeps a lot of comedians in jobs.  But now, with thanks to Palin and McCain,  it's like shooting moose from a helicopter -er- fish in a barrel.

Sarah Palin is supposed to be a typical American mom and housewife.  Well, I just spent three weeks in the southern States and I didn't see that many housewifes popping off in the helicopter to blast a moose.  Not so much a typical American housewife, more of a Ted Nugent wet-dream.

She also supports abstinence.  Her daughter, Bristol, doesn't.  There's also been accusations of cruelty - I think naming your daughter after Somerset's drugs capital is pretty cruel.  I went there once.  It stank of vomit and urine.  Mind you, so will she in nine months time.

And then there's the son-in-law, who knocked up Bristol.  Is it possible to be a redneck in Alaska?  Because he comes close.  He apparently has a blog, which is full of statements to the effect that he didn't want kids, didn't want to get married, and anyone who messes with him blah etc.

But now he's apparently going to marry Bristol.  I wonder what caused that about turn? 

Perhaps it was seeing the effect of a high-velocity round on a moose skull.  Apparently it's not so much a hit as an explosion...

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