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26.06.2009 09:32 - Michael Jackson Jokes, and Why.

Perhaps now would be a good time for an explanation of why the British like to indulge in sick jokes at moments like this.

The thing is, to be British means keeping a stiff upper lip.  That means brushing it off, and paying it no mind.  This is why the Brits shake their heads when they see Americans making public shows of grief.  It is, to their mind, ostentatious, and made for reasons of drawing attention to oneself rather than keeping grief private and personal, and showing the world a "front".  You might have seen this in the two very different reactions of Americans on 9/11, and Brits on the Tubeway bombing.  Whilst the Americans were busy emoting, the Brits shrugged it off, with one Pensioner snapping "I've been bombed by a better class of bastard than that lot!"

The problem is, that the build-up of tension has to go somewhere, and this is dissipated by making, and laughing at, what seem to be cruel and uncaring jokes to outsiders.  In reality, it's part of the shrugging-off and getting-on-with it process that we all have to go through in some way as part of life.  It's the acceptance that the process of life itself is somewhat cruel and unfair, and so the only way to mollify the existential angst is to laugh, or cry.

And us Brits don't do the crying thing.  At least, not in public.

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