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01.10.2009 08:30 - The Hindenburg

The Butzweilerhof, dressed as Frankfurt-im-Main Airport.

So, my big role in Hindenburg is over, with one line to Hannes Jaenecke (star of German TV and the terrible American SF B-movie "Black Horizon"). Still, it's a better start than Patrick McGoohan got - one line to a dog in "The Dambusters" - and that was subsequently redubbed.   Could I remember the damn line?  I got every permutation of it - enjoy your flight, passage, journey....   Hannes Jaenecke didn't look pleased.  I thought better of asking him about "Black Horizon".

My big close-up was of me rubber-stamping the Zeppellin ticket.  I'm happy to say I got it in one, even doing it right-handed.  That's probably the only shot you'll see of me.

The Police weren't too pleased about the flags, until they were shown that the production company had applied for a licence to raise them. Ikea (next door) weren't too pleased either.

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