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05.10.2004 08:52 - Robert Kilroy-Silk


This useless dick, ladies and gentlemen, is Mr. Robert Kilroy-Silk.  Mr. Silk was a daytime TV talkshow host, until his propensity for engaging mouth before putting brain in gear got the better of him.  Well, sad to say, but it looks like he missed the clutch again.  According to both Adrian and Jeremy\'s blogs, he\'s been making very silly speeches at the UK Independence Party Conference, about \"immigrants\".  To whit :

\"We\'ll have no more than 100,000 in and every one of them will have to show they have skills, aptitudes and abilities that make a contribution to British society and the economy.\"

Well, living, as I do, in a foreign land, whereby I am allowed to stay by the grace of European charters, I must say that this man worries me.  I can see everything that I have worked hard for vanishing if his kind ever got into power in the UK, as they set about slashing those charters.  Remember that this pathetic excuse for a human being was actually once a Labour member of Parliament, and held the job of shadow Home Affairs spokesman.  Does it not worry you that someone who was formerly a socialist is espousing very right-wing views?

So there you are.

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