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03.10.2004 17:59 - And the Fight Goes On...

I have actually managed to load windows 2000 onto my new machine, by some strange stroke of luck.

Sadly, that luck has run out, and whilst I have managed to get the SBLive to work in the machine, the ATA-100 IDE RAID is not working at all well.  In fact, it\'s working for about one reboot after install, and then cacking up the computer so that it siezes up when it gets to the initial windows splash page.  This is a shame, as the alternative to that is to connect the CDROM drives as slaves on the main IDE busses, and irritatingly, the EIDE cables just aren\'t long enough to do this.

Cool Edit Pro also seems to have \"issues\" with a couple of saved sessions, crashing when you click on close. 

Whatever.  I\'ve just been shouted at for taking the whole day to try and fix it.   I\'ve had enough for one weekend.

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