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29.10.2004 15:59 - Life is What Happens To You Whilst You\'re Busy Making Other Plans.

What the HELL is going on with time?  It seems as though it\'s rapidly accelerating.  It seems only a year or two since I was parking up my Mini at my parents ready to go to Germany, yet it\'s actually been close to six!  (For the record, it was December 1998).  Now every time I go back there\'s a little niece there who now refers to MY Mini as \"Mummy\'s Car\". 

It only seems a month or two since I moved in with my girlfriend, yet it\'s actually over a year. 

It\'s unbelievable that it\'s the FOURTH Annual #UKMG Wigan Meet this November.  They all seem about a month apart. 

Kindly take your finger off the fast-forward button, whoever you are.  It is not appreciated.

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