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26.10.2004 15:28 - John Peel R.I.P.

John Peel has died on holiday in Peru.

For a lot of people my age, John Peel was THE voice of alternative music, and one of the few people who can genuinely be titled \"Starmaker\".

For my own John Peel story, I have to refer to a paragraph in \"Lost in Music\" by Giles Smith.  In the \"Orphans of Babylon\"\'s attempt for fame, they approach John Peel with a cassette.  JP takes them outside and opens the boot of his car, which is filled to the brim with cassettes. (Apparently JP was famous for listening to tapes on his way to work and chucking them out the window if they didn\'t make the grade.  If you lived on his route to work you never had to buy cassettes, just wait for him to go past).  JP then tells them that he picked one of his then-recent favorites \"Terry and Gerry\" because his wife, Sheila, was in digs with a couple named that whilst at University.

I used to be acquainted with Gerry (or Terry, I forget which).  His name is actually Nigel.

Also, the quote below in the previous entry comes from JP\'s radio 4 show, although a substitute presenter was in place as he\'d gone on what turns out to be his last holiday.


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