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05.10.2004 08:29 - Things You Didn\'t Know about Me.

  1. My first job was working for a company that made thermo-electric ticket printers (a bit like the \"silver bogroll\" printers that Sinclair sold).  I designed tickets for Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Camelot and American Adventure.
  2. The Rt. Hon. Susan Harmor-Nicholls, better known as Audrey in \"Coronation St.\" and Miss Popov in \"Rentaghost\", used to work in a shop owned by one of my distant cousins in Rugeley.
  3. My cousin is married to the son of Lord Lew Grade.
  4. I built my own car in the 1990s : A Sylva Striker.
  5. My Rickenbacker 350 is one that I promised myself whilst unemployed.  It featured in a guitar magazine advert for a shop in London called \"Lefty\'s\".  Two years later I found it in a shop on \"Tin Pan Alley\" : Little Denmark St. in London.  It was recognisable as the same one by the Lefty\'s stock no. sticker on the back of the headstock.
  6. I was in a band with someone who was an extra in \"Crossroads\".  (The eighties version, with Nick Drake\'s sister).
  7. A piece of software that I wrote controls all the queue-detecting cameras on all the UK motorways.
  8. Another piece of software that I helped write controls all the substations round Birmingham.
  9. I have tried scuba-diving and hang-gliding.
  10. I am half Sicilian, half Irish by birth, although I was adopted. I have not traced my genetic parents.

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